The Uber v TfL hearing was in the Law Courts in London

In March this year Uber brought a judicial review against TfL.  Uber challenged the ‘English Language requirement’ and the ‘24-hour telephone complaints-line requirement’ imposed by TfL on all London PHV drivers. The High Court held that the English Language requirement is lawful, but the complaints-line requirement is disproportionate and unlawful. Both Uber and TfL have been given permission to appeal.

The English Language requirement will cause Uber significant problems if it is upheld. The High Court found that “on a reasonably cautious view” of the impact, about 40,000 persons were at risk of being prevented from obtaining a PHV driver’s licence in the 3 years 2017-2020.

The current English Language Test involves writing a short essay of 100 to 130 words on a given topic that has nothing to do with driving. Those with experience of hiring an Uber car will be able to hazard a reasonable guess as to how many Uber drivers are likely to be able to jump that hurdle

See also: Uber lose appeal before Employment Appeal Tribunal.

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