The gambling black market is a cause for concern

Black Markets

By Gerald Gouriet KC | June 7, 2023 | Comments Off on Black Markets

The black market is relatively easy for people to access who are actively trying to find illegal operators online

Cumulative Impact

Cumulative Impact

By Gerald Gouriet KC | May 18, 2023 | Comments Off on Cumulative Impact

A licensing authority must aim to permit premises to be used for gambling – but is it entitled to miss?

Gambling Advertising

Gambling Advertising

By Gerald Gouriet KC | May 12, 2023 | Comments Off on Gambling Advertising

“High Stakes: Gambling Reform for the Digital Age”. Never have so many waited so long for so little

This is a roulette wheel.

Gambling White Paper

By Gerald Gouriet KC | April 27, 2023 | Comments Off on Gambling White Paper

“Three years, six ministers and one white paper”. The Racing Post reminds us how long we have had to wait for it.

Free Lottery Choice of Free Entry

Commercial Lotteries

By Gerald Gouriet | March 6, 2023 | Comments Off on Commercial Lotteries

The Gambling Act 2005 protects commercial lottery promoters who offer a ‘choice of a free entry’

Power to Adjourn Summary Reviews

Power to Adjourn

By Gerald Gouriet | February 22, 2023 | Comments Off on Power to Adjourn

There is no power to adjourn a summary review decision beyond 28 days from application. There should be.

Non-compliance with Statutory Procedure

Procedural non-compliance

By Gerald Gouriet | August 3, 2021 | Comments Off on Procedural non-compliance

Non-compliance with statutory procedure did not prevent an application to licence a music festival being granted

Iconic London Taxis are under threat from Uber

Taxi Driver’s Licences

By Gerald Gouriet | June 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Taxi Driver’s Licences

A licensee who applies to renew his licence before expiry can keep working pending determination of his application.

Problem Gambling, Problem Gambler sitting at FOBT machine

Victims of Problem Gambling

By Gouriet Holland | June 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Victims of Problem Gambling

The harm done by problem gambling does not stay with the gambler: it has a wide reach.

Doctored Evidence, Impeachment, Deliberate or error?

Doctored Evidence?

By Gerald Gouriet | February 16, 2021 |

It has been claimed that the Impeachment Managers doctored the evidence against President Trump.