The Gambling Commission

Control over FOBTs in betting shops continues to exercise the Gambling Commission. It has updated its Licence Condition & Codes of Practice with the addition of a new “social responsibility code provision” (#9). This provision applies to all non-remote betting, bingo and casino operating licences. Consolidating the texts –

"Gaming machines may be made available in licensed [betting/bingo/casino] premises only where there are substantive facilities for non-remote [betting/bingo/casino games], provided in reliance on the [relevant] operating licence, available in the premises."

This is a roulette wheel. FOBTs allow roulette to be played in betting shops
FOBT. This is a signpost pointing tFOBTs are a hybrid of fruit machines and roulette. They are said to be very addictive.
FOBTs are a hybrid between Slot MAchines and Roulette


Summary and LCCP

  • Gaming machines may be made available for use in licensed betting (etc.) premises only where there are also substantive facilities available in the premises for such non-remote activities as are provided in reliance on the relevant operating licence.
  • [provides for adequate supervision by staff]
  • Licensees must ensure that the function along with the internal and/or eternal presentation of the premises are such that a customer can reasonably be expected to recognise that they are premises licensed for the purposes of provided betting (etc.).


Gambling Commission LCCP 2017

Protecting the Vulnerable

In formulating this new code the Commission has relied heavily on a proposition, expressed in a very few words by Judge NJ Warren in the Luxury Leisure case. The judge said that the Commission is allowed to regulate “the atmosphere in which gambling facilities are provided”. In the Consultation preceding the LCCP 2016, the Commission expressed concern for vulnerable people.

The Commission seeks to protect those who might enter gambling premises unaware of what type of gambling premises they are. Or even if they are gambling premises at all... Whether or not this has been identified in the past as a real, as opposed to theoretical, problem is not immediately apparent.



Campaigns against FOBTs

There are several campaigns to take FOBTs out of betting shops altogether, or to reduce the stakes and winnings of them. Newspapers (such as The Times) regularly speak out against the damage to society in general alleged to be done by these gaming machines. A recurring description of FOBTs is that they are "the crack-cocaine of gambling". Although  Donald Trump coined the phrase in an attempt to discredit a wholly different gambling product, there is a stubborn determination to apply it to FOBTs. The Times uses the expression, almost every day and in full knowledge of its pedigree, to the point of obsession.

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